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People who take psychedelic drugs report that the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks

People who take psychedelic drugs consistently report that it results in improved mood and creativity, while having few side effects, according to new research published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. Study author Rotem Petranker, director of the Canadian Centre for Psychedelic Science, and his colleagues noticed a growing public interest in taking sub-threshold doses of LSD or psilocybin […]

Psychedelics as health and wellness aid? Not a hallucination

Nov. 15, 2020, 1:30 AM PSTBy Alicia Victoria Lozano Melissa Lavasani never expected to grow psychedelic mushrooms in her Washington, D.C., home or become a force behind a successful measure that makes cultivation and possession of plant and fungi medicines the lowest priority for local police and prosecutors. But the mother of two grew desperate in […]

Cannabis and Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

Over the course of a decade, the public perception of cannabis has rapidly swung from negative to positive. What was once a distasteful if not dangerous drug has become nothing less than a cure-all, touted by scientists as the key to managing a multitude of devastating diseases. Already, a pharmaceutical with a cannabis compound as its […]


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