Gold Coast Clear

“Gold Coast Clear Cartridge had a great satisfaction . I was a bit worried about its authencity, but it wasn’t a problem at all. I love using Gold Coast clear carts when I’m stressed.”

Frank Edwards

This is one of the best products i have purchase from u guys. i was a little worried about delivery , but product came in time. thanks


“The Customer Services were quick, courteous and very helpful. They helped me  wit the ordering process. I was worried i wouldn’t receive my drugs in time , but they did their best and my package arrived on time. KEEP UP

Molly L
Gold Coast Clear

Was my first time ordering online. was a lttle skeptic , My carts finally arrived , i love the gold coast clear carts. sweet


 I was not satisfied with the products , there was a mix up in the flavors i ordered


“I ordered a Crafted extracts for my big day and it was beautiful! It was just what I wanted. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!”  This Cart is so underrated. 

Junior Highline

“When I realized I had anxiety  problem, it was out of control. I needed my drugs immediately. shipped out right away and I received my drugs within 24 hours. obviously i paid higher. but am grateful and i recommend

Enrique Rodriguez

I had a lot of difficulties at checkout

“I just started using Codeine Promethazine and it has been so relaxing. I feel good. I would definitely say quality is premium”

Ryan D
Gold Coast Clear

Beat my chest and swing from a vine, this Blue Dream is super freakin fine! dont miss out on this Bulk order$ special. its a real delicious treat for the price point. try it for yourself and see if im telling the truth! GCC

Darius S

First time buying this product!!!… and i have the flavors lava lamp ad death bubba which i like i find it really smooth and did I mention it gets a baked hahaha!!!…I’m never going back to anything other then this, and its so convenient to use the only thing i hate is that it has to be charged when i need it!


Guys Bulk orders on these Carts is the real deal. Free shipping and Discounts . Try out . am s happy for the deals

Avi Martin

you need to adjust your platform. f&ck


Maui Waui Lemon smell. Decent buzz. Cant go wrong with lemon tasting dabs, delicious stuff. Abit harsh but not terrible. Great packaging and Fantastic service, quick delivery and Great customer support. Cant go wrong with viridesco extracts


I just love the Quality of the Drugs, xanax , morphine , i got them all.Am still surprised. will be ordering more.

Victor 1

Where u get ur Hashish? was not satisfied , change ur supplier.

Tyson G

Omg ? AWESOME TASTE and in capital letter! The most fruity flavours i never taste in weed or concentrate! I taste pineapple, pear and watermelon and the final is very sweet! My new goal is find some AAAAA Donkey Breath to taste the flower


Yup its like stealing candy from a baby.. then taking that candy and smashing it up and jamming it into a pipe and smoking it. just wonderfully sinful stolen baby candy nugs.. i recommend this strain. i recommend it so much that i wrote it down on paper so i would see i later… i recommended it to myself. i only grabbed 3.5 and it tasted so good i had to smoke it all in one sitting.


I was Disappointed my package arrived damaged. Immediately i called a new package was sent for free. thanks

Dawn f

I have made several online purchases from you over the past three months and not even once have i encountered any problems. Everything thing comes in within two days just as mentioned and I must say you are doing a great job in honoring your words.


 i love the Blueberry taste that comes out in this one. great buzz and the nugs are almost photograph worthy. Also no dizziness or headaches but I don’t recommend any of the AAAAA weed for rookies. I smoke a lot  and this gets me super ripped.


Great! I love how precise you can be with the temperature and it’s light weight and easy to fill. Another reviewer pointed out that the mouthpiece cracked and mine did too. I used some medical tape to try and stop any further cracking. Otherwise, I’m really happy with my purchase!

Evans W

I will give it full stars but it wasn’t quite as nice as I I hoped. Flavour was nice, buzz was decent. But it did not wow me in any memorable way. But as a 3 star it is great value not a disappointment.

Oscar Green

What a GORGEOUS cartridges. I’m not super well versed in THC pens but this one has been great so far, I only use it when I can’t smoke. I got it in December along with three of the mix and match cartridges and I’m almost at the end of my first one. Quickly charges and I can’t get over how chic it looks. The charge lasts forever

Paul F